Who we are

Hi, there!

Welcome to BookTiger and thank you for your interest in our project. BookTiger is a private family venture, bringing together four academic teachers with propensity in Linguistics, Biology, Cognitive Science and History of Philosophy. We are desperate book lovers - and former book writers by the call of profession...



    Now that our interests have settled and our attention focused on more trivial or incomprehensibly specific topics, we have found ourselves surrounded by books that we will hardly open in our life and read anymore.


    What is more, as years are passing, some of our dearest friends and colleagues did also pass, away. Their libraries and precious book collections faced the most material and imminent danger of being sent to the paper recycling plant.


     Well, we have tried to donate them to public and university libraries. For some time, this worked. Then libraries became increasingly short of bookshelves and storage. Subscriptions to JStore, SpringerLink, etc., replaced book acquisition.

     Surprisingly, over the years, we have discovered that people still buy books. Not only the best sellers of NYT, but also our books, no matter how old and shabby they were. Content, bibliographic and collection value turned out to be decisive factor...

     Have you ever tried to sell your books?